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Compliment of the week:

Elize recently helped me to rewrite my CV. Not only did she do a good job, but she also did more than I expected. Elize walked the extra mile and motivated me to look at my abilities, skills and employment history in a new way. The result is a much more market-orientated CV that reflects the best of my abilities. I can strongly recommend Elize for professional assistance with your CV, LinkedIn accounts etc as well as for general good advice based on her experience and constant research on what the job market requires from candidates. - Helena

Why should you choose us?

Because the company is based on service, quality, expertise, and delivery.


My service level is impeccable. I respond to your enquiries within hours and if I’m unable to reply to all your questions immediately, I will inform you when you may expect answers.


Client service alone is not enough; the client must be offered quality. Your documents will reflect the pride I have in my work.


CV requirements change often. I have a world-wide network and never stop doing research. Your documents will be in a market-determined format.


Your documents will be delivered on the date that we have discussed. If impossible, you will be informed.

But perhaps most importantly; we offer a personalized service. This means that your CV, cover letter, and further documents are crafted according to YOUR personality.

Professional CV writing

Your CV is essentially your personal marketing tool. It should reflect your;

  • talents,
  • victories, and
  • professionalism.

The CV Branch knows how to do that. And our format;

  • highlights your skills so that an employer will notice them at the first glance,
  • your achievements are emphasized, and
  • the grammar, spelling, and punctuation will reveal your professionalism.

Thereby providing a professional CV writing service to you.

The CV Branch treats your CV as an asset. We offer our services throughout South Africa; Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, or in the smaller centra. The entire process is possible via electronic media (email, Skype) and telephonically.

Professional CV Writers Pretoria - Language Tree services

The Language Tree Services

The Content Branch

Creating suitable, interesting, and informative Web content on a website forms an integral part of your marketing campaign. We understand that developing a loyal following is paramount to your business. The Content Branch will use keywords from internet searches to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking.

The Translation Branch

When we translate a document for you, we keep in mind the constraints; the context and the rules of the grammar of both languages. English and Afrikaans each have their own idiomatic language and writing conventions. Literally anything can be translated; be it books, websites, advertisements, legal documents, theses, business proposals, to name but a few.

The Editing Branch

A copy-editor corrects grammatical-, punctuation-, and spelling errors on a document. A ‘document’ may literally mean any written genre; books, theses, letters, web content copy, CVs, to name but a few. The copy-editor verifies facts; names, places, organizations, dates, and statistics. As such, we undertake research.

And I thought I could do it myself...obviously not!  Thanks for pleasantly surprising me. –  Jolandi

LOVE this format. - Nicholas

Thank you for your outstanding work! – Lukas

I wasn't sure what to expect and it was a pleasant surprise. – Suvir

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