6 Questions to ask your CV writer

The CV writing industry is competitive. Choosing a professional CV writer with whom you feel comfortable with can be a daunting task. I have compiled a list of questions you may want to ask a CV writer. Needless to say, I have answered these questions in my personal capacity as the owner of The CV Branch. (I, of course, want to be your supplier of choice!)


The CV Branch CV writer

1.  What qualifies you to write a great CV, Cover Letter, Résumé, LinkedIn profile or personal CV Webpage?

I am client-orientated and my caring nature will always be an asset. I pay close attention to detail, an irreplaceable skill. My command of the English language is superb and I believe in the Plain Language movement. In other words, I write your CV without unnecessary frills and adjectives which will mean nothing to an employer and more often than not, will create distrust.

Writing is my occupation, therefore I will make 100 per cent sure that your CV is accurate and free from errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I have experience, having worked in the industry for four years.


2.  How do you decide what layout or format to use?

I invest time in assuring that my templates remain up-to-date with current, as well as emerging, trends. My CVs are not written as one-size-fits-all. I am creative and understand the need to change my template should your industry demand it. Each client is unique, and I write only for you. My templates have an understated visual appeal, creating a better chance of an employer to look at it for more than just a few seconds.


3.  Who writes my documents?

I personally write your CV, Résumé, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, and personal CV Webpage. The Language Branch: The CV Branch is my company and I take pride in the work I offer. My reputation is of the utmost importance to me.


4.  Can I speak to someone if I have questions or concerns?

You speak to me personally, telephonically, via email or Skype. I am there for you throughout this process as much as I am able to be.


5.  How does the revision process work?

I provide you with a first draft of your CV. Most of the time there is some material I require from you. You also have the opportunity to add or delete information. (The CV Branch does not take responsibility for false information.)

Once we have all the facts, I present you with your final copy.


6.  What if I don’t like my CV, Résumé, or Cover Letter?

Within reason, I will continue working on it until it is perfect. Should we not understand each other at all or if I feel that the expectations are unreasonable, we may look at a partial refund. This, however, is not standard practice. But at the end of the day, I want my clients to be satisfied with my service.

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