7 Steps to a grand LinkedIn profile

You probably know that a great LinkedIn profile is invaluable; whether you are searching for employment, candidates, or to establish a professional network.

But perhaps you don’t know the etiquette and interaction behaviour for LinkedIn. For instance, you should try to accept (or reject) requests to connect as soon as possible; good manners are applicable everywhere.

Don’t underestimate LinkedIn’s significance; The CV Branch has written numerous CVs for clients who have found us on LinkedIn. This professional platform is ideal (almost a must-have) for presenting your talents and skills.

So, following are a few simple enhancements you may consider.

LinkedIn profile

1.   Photograph

This is easy; do not use a photograph of you sitting next to the pool with a drink in hand or visiting a spa. Leave that for Facebook. Speaking of which, please make sure that your Facebook posts are private, employers will have a look. To return to the LinkedIn photograph, it must be professional; head and shoulders with a neutral background or showing you in an area of your profession.


2.   Your name

Use your name and surname. LinkedIn is not the place for nicknames. However, I believe that using the name by which you are known is not necessarily a bad idea. For instance: ‘Elizabeth Margaret Cookson’. If nobody knows who that is, use ‘Elize Cookson’. (Not really my names.)


3.   Headline

You have a hundred-and-twenty (120) characters in which to explain who you are. To give you an idea, here are a couple of examples of headlines that I’ve written:

‘Senior Manager: Operations, Marketing; applying knowledge of Strategy, Technology, Risk, Finance, Contracts, Projects’
‘Executive Manager and Director; International Leader, Strategy Expert, Marketing, Sales, and Business Developer’


4.   Summary

A summary is vital for establishing a search presence. Explain who you are and what you can offer in at least forty words (maximum 2,000 characters), and don’t forget to use a few industry-specific keywords.


5.   Your profile

Complete your profile. Your chances of being found in a search increase exponentially. To achieve an ‘All Star’ rating;

  • photograph,
  • industry and location,
  • a detailed current position,
  • two previous positions,
  • skills, and
  • 50+ connections.


6.  Skills

Don’t be afraid to list all your skills. Endorse your connections and they would hopefully do it in return. You can ask to be recommended, I’m not brave enough to do that, but if you are, click on the ‘Ask for recommendations’ button as shown in the screenshot.


LinkedIn profile writer

7.   Participation

Be active on LinkedIn. I’m not saying that you should create your own content. Share your connections’ or articles that are pertinent and interesting. You can, of course, prepare your own posts to use as a showcase for your projects/skills/successes. Connect with people in your industry and follow interest groups.






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