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I believe that the only approach to effective communiction is through correct use of language.

It is such a pleasure to work with language every day, on its own, a world as large as the universe. I have studied several, including English and Latin, the latter a language that offers an exceptional foundation for further language studies. Therefore, the quality of the English usage on your documents will reflect this acquired expertise. I take the necessary time and attention with each CV, Cover Letter, Résumé, Copy-edit, Translation, and Web Content to assure the accuracy of language and the uniqueness of my clients. I continuously invest time to be certain that my templates and skills remain in touch with what is acceptable in the industry both locally and internationally.

I come from a background of learning languages but have also worked in sales. I collaborated with South African banks, providing advice on the design rules of MasterCard and Visa new cards.

Friends and family have often described me as a perfectionist. Although I don’t always agree with that, I must admit to having a gift for paying minute attention to detail. This character trait is indispensable when working with languages. And because of my enjoyment of my subject, the results are that much better.

In short, I am a language lover, a dog enthusiast, an eager traveller, and a history devotee.

I look forward to working with you, creating outstanding documents, and revealing you at your very best.


Associate member of the Professional Editors' Guild.

Vice-chairperson of the Gauteng branch.


Photograph: Phillip Erasmus

Olive green and purple

You may wonder about my choice of Corporate Identity. The CV Branch's name has sprouted from my obsession with olive trees. In Italy, an olive tree means ‘peace’. Hence, I want my clients to have a sense of peace when they employ us, understanding that they can trust us I with their documents.

The olive green colour indicates hope, but also harmony and discernment. The yellow tint promotes the power to stand on your own, but still allow others into your space.

Purple encourages upliftment, yet calm. It can mean ambition and wisdom, but also peace and independence.

The combination of the two colours is powerful and complementary.

Thank you for your sterling work. – Orce

All I can say is WOW. – Kebuseditswe

Outstanding Cover Letter thank you Elize. – Bertus

‘Well-deserved reference.’ – Bruce

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