12 Phrases to avoid using on your CV and/or résumé

By The CV Branch | 14th September 2016

By now, everyone knows that social media is the bane of my existence. But a friend of mine told me the other day that she loves all the CV tips I give on my social media platforms. However, she’d like to have them all in one place. Hence the reason for this post.   1.     …

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6 Reasons why I write CVs

By The CV Branch | 10th August 2016

When I was introduced to professional CV writing I thought, ‘is this even a job?’ Well, now that I have written countless CVs, I can assure you that it is indeed a job. And a rather rewarding one at that. Here are my six reasons why I love my job. 1.  Constantly learning about my …

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What exactly is an uncountable noun?

By The CV Branch | 17th July 2016

I’ve written a little piece on the frustrations you may count on when you establish your own business. And as you know, I often include a ‘quick lesson’ at the end of my posts. The topic of today’s grammar post is uncountable nouns, also called mass nouns and non-countable nouns. A colleague has pointed out to …

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Is your cover letter good enough?

By The CV Branch | 23rd May 2016

Your Cover Letter should be the perfect accompaniment to your CV. Together they are powerful marketing tools in your quest for the ideal career or position. Sending a Cover Letter with your CV is professional, indicating that you should be taken seriously. It serves as your introduction. A Cover Letter should target each particular position …

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Graphology: studying handwriting

By The CV Branch | 5th May 2016

Until I started delving deeper into this topic, I didn’t realize just how advanced and popular graphology is. It has developed into a science, with many applications and hundreds of websites dedicated to the subject. There is even software available for analyzing your handwriting. Graphology is the analysis of the psychological structure of the human …

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How NOT to go crazy while creating your own business

By The CV Branch | 18th April 2016

Yes, you read it right; I seriously don’t believe that I am the first entrepreneur who has been overwhelmed, on the verge of an astonishingly senseless meltdown, or suffering from too-much-to-learn syndrome. My particular problem is the constant cry for attention on the internet and the fact that I must succumb or die. I have …

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Is mathematics a language?

By The CV Branch | 13th April 2016

‘The laws of Nature are written in the language of mathematics…the symbols are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word.’ – Galileo Galilei   I can unequivocally say that yes, mathematics is indeed a language. In fact, it is only one language of many that …

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Your personal CV Webpage

By The CV Branch | 16th March 2016

The CV Branch has something new and unique to offer…   Your personal CV Webpage!   The world is changing and we cannot afford to lag behind. An online presence is paramount. Now just imagine, you can have your own CV Webpage. The reasons are legion: Increase your visibility. Your information is current and accurate, …

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Do you know what professional email etiquette is?

By The CV Branch | 8th March 2016

An email is often the preferred method of communication. And the way to communicate effectively is by using professional language, be it verbal or written. A professional email should be just that: professional. We send and receive so many emails per day that it’s easy to forget our manners. Yes, they apply here too. Remember …

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6 words beginning with an ‘X’

By The CV Branch | 2nd March 2016

  Oxford… I am enamoured. The university, the town (which I haven’t seen, but it can only be marvellous), and the language. If my dad left me a trust fund, I am convinced that by now I would have had several doctorate degrees in medieval history and languages. Alas, I have to contend myself with …

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