‘The Chaos’

By The CV Branch | 16th February 2016

Today’s offering is a delightful exercise.  The poem, The Chaos, illustrates the many irregularities in the English language’s spelling and pronunciation. It is only when you see, and read, these mostly everyday-life words written next to each other, that you begin to understand the variables in the language that most of us speak. I find the …

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New English: interactive (lol!)

By The CV Branch | 25th July 2015

A grammatically correct sentence; ‘No problem, I’ll see you later.’ turns into: ‘np cul8r’… The internet has presented different audiences and purposes for writing. It is now so much more interactive than paper. In the book Working with Texts, Adrian Beard (ed.) says that:   ‘Keyboard symbols, themselves the basis of new art forms in …

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