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'A good editor understands what you’re talking and writing about and doesn’t meddle too much.’ – Irwin Shaw

Academic and Business copy-editing

 A good academic and business copy-editor will correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. A ‘document’ may literally mean any written genre; academic journals, theses, dissertations, letters, web content, CVs, books, among others. Your document will look professional.

The Editing Branch specializes in academic theses, dissertations, and academic journal articles. I can assist you with your business communication and web content. I don’t consider CVs as editing, my CV writing service is about presenting you with a brand new, noticeable CV.

What I will do for your business or academic or business document:

Professional editing service

I’ll assure consistency in:

  • capitalization,
  • terminology,
  • hyphenation,
  • lists of abbreviations,
  • italics,
  • spelling,
  • numbers,
  • font size and type (topography),
  • headings, captions, and paragraph styles,
  • the table of contents and page numbers,
  • references, including intext references


  • Figures
  • Tables
  • Lists

Eliminate unnecessary:

  • Duplication
  • Repetition
  • Jargon

What you will receive

I will work closely with you, the writer, so that we may understand each other and to determine exactly what your requirements are. The Editing Branch will not insult you by analysing your academic thesis or journal article from a scholarly perspective. I know that an editor is there only to assist. But your work will be according to standard and my service is ethical and professional.

Before I work on your academic dissertation, I will assess your needs and your academic article or thesis before we reach an agreement. I consider your best interests my priority and will treat your writing with care. Each client is unique and prior to commencement, you will know exactly which services I will offer you.

What I will do

My professional academic thesis and dissertation editing service will assume the responsibility for the grammatical aspect of your text; clarity, spelling (including hyphenation and capitalization), grammar, punctuation, and formatting headings. I will reword sentences, if necessary, to ensure clarity, conciseness, and consistency. And I understand the pressure you experience. This includes references.

I will present your academic thesis/dissertation with Microsoft track changes which will indicate changes that you may accept or decline. Many authors don’t like a document where track changes are shown, the choice is yours.

Academic journals

Each academic journal has its own rules regarding the presentation of an article and I love formatting your academic article exactly to their requirements (I am pernickety about the small things). In general, journals will only accept an edited document formatted according to their stylesheets. Remember that a ‘fresh eye’ will notice things you may have missed.

You might know that plain language is the future of writing. Let’s look at a few words you can use to shorten and clarify your document:

during the month of August: in August

during the time that: while

has an ability to: can

it may well be that: maybe

on a weekly basis: weekly

Academic and Business Copy Editing

'Understand what an editor can do for you; if you outsource some of the editing, you can do more writing. Get the support you need.' – Jo VanEvery


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