Graphology: studying handwriting

Until I started delving deeper into this topic, I didn’t realize just how advanced and popular graphology is. It has developed into a science, with many applications and hundreds of websites dedicated to the subject. There is even software available for analyzing your handwriting.


Graphology is the analysis of the psychological structure of the human subject through his or her handwriting. The central nervous system provides a direct and undistorted link to the deeper self. – The British Academy of Graphology


The study of handwriting has proved especially successful in areas such as; personnel employment, vocational guidance, and with children.

In the employment industry, graphology can assist employers with preventing incompatibility, determining suitability and aptitude, to mention a few. It can help people to make vocational choices, choosing a suitable career. And with children, the analysis can give an idea of a child’s development, identifying learning difficulties, and alerting emotional or physical problems. Graphology can even play a role in marriage counselling.


The feeling for and love of handwriting are spontaneous happenings. At a precise moment of our life, their written form falls suddenly under the light of consciousness. – Max Pulver


Forensic science makes use of handwriting analysis on a large scale. Investigations into handwriting identity and imitations or forgery, may be answered.

The aspects of graphology to be considered are numerous: the thickness and consistency of strokes; line separation and direction; the size, shape and angle of letters, as well as how they are connected. In principal, these factors can be precisely described.

Unfortunately, graphology has encountered much negative press. It is often associated with fortune tellers and people assessing your likelihood to succeed, based on merely a signature.

But as with most sciences, this study is constantly researched and the methods are improved.

Just for fun, have a look at what your handwriting, inadvertently, says about your character!

Graphology, handwriting


I write with fairly wide spaces between words and the ‘definition’ is quite right: I am a loner, crowds do not excite me. And because I dot the ‘i’ high, I am creative…

Let me know what your handwriting means.

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