What does your CV say about you?


I think that the obvious answer to this question is that ‘you are remarkable’. But unfortunately, this is not enough. Your CV should explain to a prospective employer exactly why you are so remarkable.  (Our professional CV writing service will achieve that for you.)


1.  Confidence

Are you? Confident?

‘Confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.’ – Samuel Johnson


I dislike quotes that encourage the reader to just be confident. My immediate instinct is to say, ‘Yes, and how exactly am I supposed to achieve that?’

The way to overcome this obstacle, whether you have great or little confidence, is to write your CV in a confident manner. Id est, use positive language. If you write your CV in the passive voice, you will sound uncertain, doubtful. Use strong verbs; improved, increased, managed. And sell yourself; shamelessly but truthfully.


2.  Understanding

Your CV should convey the message that you are aware of your strengths and have applied these strengths to make a difference. It indicates that you understand your own value and are certain that a company will benefit by employing you. You will be able to negotiate from a position of strength.

But you must emphasize those abilities in your professional CV, up front, instantly noticeable.


3.  Jargon

Please, please leave out the buzz-words and the jargon. Mostly, they mean nothing and explain nothing.

‘I am results-driven, goal-oriented, and hardworking.’ Okay, so how did you apply those adjectives? How did they enhance/increase/benefit?’ Do you understand what I mean? Unless you can show how you have ‘driven results’, jargon will be annoying and a waste of precious space on your CV.

It will also seem as if you have no idea how to describe yourself and your skills accurately.


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 4.  Grammar

Let someone proofread your CV. I know from experience that it’s difficult to spot errors in your own writing.

Use present tense in describing your current position and past tense for previous employment.

A CV filled with grammar and spelling errors will say that you’re careless. You don’t have pride in your achievements or yourself, and that you don’t make the effort to at least attempt perfection.


5.  Length

I can promise you that nobody will read a CV that is nine pages long. Two pages, three at the most.

Don’t discuss every position you’ve had since the moon landing. I’m not referring to students or school leavers. It will indicate that you are too lazy/ blasé to write a new CV aimed at a specific position.


A CV is not a document that you create on the fly. You simply have to invest and apply yourself. A professional CV writer will achieve that





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