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Your personal CV Webpage!


The world is changing and we cannot afford to lag behind. An online presence is paramount. Now just imagine, you can have your own CV Webpage.

The reasons are legion:

  • Increase your visibility. Your information is current and accurate, instantly available to a prospective employer.
  • Added value. Your Webpage will show employers that you are a serious, professional candidate. I am not saying that a traditional CV is not necessary. But a Webpage with your name on will make it easier for employers to find you and to learn more about you.
  • Everything is in one place. We can include all your documents; cover letter, CV, references, and certificates. If you have projects that you are particularly proud of, we create a ‘button’. Here you don’t have to consider briefness; the problem of your CV being ‘too long’ doesn’t exist.
  • Personalization: You can include a photograph, your personal moto, other relevant photographs, and links to Websites of value such as LinkedIn. Include the link to your page in your email signature and, should you wish, publish it on social media. It will obviously appear on your traditional CV. And if you are brave, we can even add a video.
  • It is exciting!

In the interest of security, no personal details will appear – you choose what you want to display.

I have chosen a simple template that I will populate for you. Thereafter, you may maintain it yourself or I can assist you.

Have a look at The Language Tree (simplified because it is not a personal CV):

And the best news; there are no hosting fees.


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